Friday, July 9, 2010

Fourth of July... Ireland Style

It was surprising just how homesick I have become and the 4th of July just made me realize even more how much I love and miss the states. We decided to stay in Cork for the weekend in order to save some money and because we THOUGHT there was supposed to be an American festival. We were wrong. So, we made our own fun instead!
The entertainment
Eclipse had a "preview" here on Saturday, even though it was out in the States a week before
We then ate at a restaurant called Captain America's and had this phenomenal chocolate volcano
Tuesday at work we had an American Day. There were tons of sweets.
And their own rendition of America's Got Talent/ American IdolMaking fun of America but funny at the same time :)Helen before singing "All that Jazz"My director, Lorna, and Helen in our room "Cairde"Jill and Sara did their rendition to Avril's "Skater Boy". Hilarious

It turned out to be a pretty fun weekend all in all and I think we did America proud here in Ireland!

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