Thursday, June 24, 2010

Performing Arts Festival

Last night COPE Foundation put on an Irish Performing Arts Festival and organizations from all around Ireland came to participate. It was a singing competition and there were some pieces that were absolutely amazing! My favorite was a performance of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow". It was the most precious thing I have ever seen.
Earlier in the day there were Dance, Instrumental, Drama, and Singing as well and myself and some of the staff at JBC took some of the clients to see a dance performance. It was so touching to see the performers up there giving their all and having such a wonderful time. The clients also loved it! They were clapping and smiling and were performing in the audience almost as if they were on the stage themselves! Overall it was a great day/ night of performances, singing, and dancing!

Also, I finally got some pictures of the room I'm working in at JBC. There are some beautiful gardens within the building as well but I haven't been able to catch those yet. More to come!

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